Hello Readers

Hello all! Or hello to whoever may be reading this. This isn’t my first blog, but hopefully this will be the first blog that I continue with. Over the years I have had ideas that I wanted to share with people about beauty and fashion, but I have always gotten sidetracked, or busy with work and school. But no excuses this time, I really want to continue to post to the blog every week.

But anyways, I know there’s an about page that I put a facts about myself on, but why not describe myself a little more.

I am 19 years-old, and about to be a junior in college. I’m studying journalism to hopefully one day become a beauty editor for a fashion magazine. The dream is to work for Vogue, Allure, or Nylon magazine.

I didn’t think I would like to write for a career, because I wasn’t very good at it in high school. As I got older, and had better professors in college who expanded my writing skills, I became more confident in my writing and actually started enjoying it. I even decided to join the university’s newspaper.

The one story I wrote about for the school’s paper was about what plus-sized women and girls wear for summer to stay chic but comfortable.

As a girl who has a little extra to love herself, I could understand the topic first hand. I still asked other girls their opinion on the subject as well. However, as I started writing I couldn’t just write about clothing bigger girls wear, but how they feel about being called or shopping in the “plus-sized” section.

The girls I interviewed were very honest with me, and said that they felt uncomfortable, and that the word separated them from other women. That they were “different”.

I thought I could start a blog about loving yourself inside and out, giving tips on beauty, and fashion. What I use and bought, or just anything I’m thinking about. I feel like if I leave this blog for anything to write about, it will make me write more.

So hopefully people enjoy reading what I put out and keep coming back!


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