Summer Lush Favorites

All year long I use Lush products, but during the summer there are a select few that have grown on me. Lush is a very huge favorite of mine, they are cruelty free and use all organic products. And that is very helpful when you have sensitive skin. So here are a few of the products that I have found to be pretty awesome.

IMG_0174The fresh face mask, Rosy Cheeks, is a cool and refreshing mask to use at night after a long hot day. You can use this anytime, but I liked to use it at night because it would be cold on the face. Like I said before, I have sensitive skin and this also doesn’t have a potent smell so this product is a win/win. IMG_0233The Ladybug Bubble Bar is another light smelling but soothing bath time favorite. It has a scent between fruity and floral but it’s pleasant. Also the shape is fun for the season, it gets you in the spring time mood. Just in case you don’t know how bubble bars work, I like to use a metal strainer of some sort. I mash a little in the strainer, then let the water run over it to create bubbles. IMG_0230So last but no least, is the Sesame Suntan Lotion. You can only get this in the European or non-American stores or online at the U.K. Lush Kitchen store. I have this lovely product because my one friend picked it up for me while she was in Sweden. But in America they test sunscreens on animals, so Lush won’t sell it here; which is understandable. But it’s a great product because you get sun protection while also getting tan. When you first put it on you will smell like a sesame bagel, but after a little the scent goes away. This is my first summer using this product, and I can say it will be a future favorite.


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