Surprise Weekend Trip to New York

This past week was my 20th birthday. And the weeks before it my boyfriend kept telling me that my gift was a surprise, and would give me clues here and there on what it could be. Mind you that they were horrible hints, he said it was green, red, and yellow… a traffic light. Well no, it was a trip to New York City. He said the green was the Statue of Liberty, the yellow was for the cabs, and red made no sense,  he said it was for the fire of the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

No matter what odd clues he gave me I didn’t really see this coming. We left on Friday the 19th at 11 pm, we took the Mega Bus and it was a very long six hour bus ride. But when I saw my favorite view in the whole world come into view I didn’t even feel tired anymore, or the cramps in my legs. When the sun rises behind the New York sky line it is breathtaking.

This was our second time returning together to the great city. We stayed at St. Nicholas B&B that’s located in Harlem. It’s a great place to stay, the subway is literally a 30 second walk from the residency. The price isn’t horrible, the gentleman who runs the B&B serves   a fresh breakfast every morning, and did I mention the price isn’t horrible for staying in New York City?

We were only in the city for two days, but they were a great two days with the goofy guy I call my boyfriend.

IMG_3951It was an incredible birthday trip, however, the weather was not on our side this past weekend. The first day, well the same day we arrived, we took a two hour power nap after getting there at six in the morning. We went to Chinatown and Soho where it poured down rain. When we got onto the subway it was fine outside, when we were leaving…it was raining so hard where you would be soaked head-to-toe the first minute you step into it.

The first day was just filled with a few shopping trips, one being where I had to buy rain boots because my shoes were completely soaked through to my socks.

Since it is my birthday month, I had to make the trip to Sephora to get my birthday gift. My life has become complete since I have finally made it to VIB ROUGE, I don’t think I can keep up with it because you have to be constantly spending money there, and being a poor college kid doesn’t help. Some would call me crazy spending my money there instead of maybe saving it. But they are all like my children…..ok dramatic and off topic. I got the little Tarte gift that included a blush and mini liquid matte lipstick. I got a few other things that I am going to try out.IMG_4081Travel

We also took a stop to the Chobani restaurant they have in Soho, I got the blueberry and granola yogurt. Very tasty. We then went to the Birch Box store, the collaboration box they have with Vogue was very tempting, it had all rose scented or infused products in the box. I actually decided not to get anything there. Actually, my mood was ruined in the middle of that day. While walking in Soho a man shouted at me “sexyyyy” but it was in a very sarcastic/asshole way. Since it had rained my hair was a mess, my makeup did not look the same as how I had put it earlier that day, and I had rain boots that went to my knee while my black overall denim dress went just above the knee. So there was about two inches of leg showing (I didn’t take a picture of that outfit, but I’ll have to post one later).

Before he had said the comment I was having a good day, the rain didn’t bother me, I was just glad to be there. I don’t know, just after he said it, it got to me. I looked at myself in a store window and didn’t see a girl having a good day, I just saw a hot mess. Thinking back on it now, I shouldn’t have let that ass get to me. I should have told him to shove it and kept on walking like I’m the fucking queen of New York. It’s just very easy to go back to old ways of getting down on yourself when someone pokes at your self-esteem.

After looking around the Birch Box store I just wanted to go back to where we were staying. I love Mike dearly, but he doesn’t catch onto things very quickly, and at times doesn’t know how to help the situation. But after we got back I told him what happened and he said something that actually helped, “fuck that guy, he’s just an egotistical ass.” We then spent the rest of the night getting Chinese takeout and binge watching Orange is the New Black. So all in all, it was an interesting/good first day.




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