K. Beauty Products

IMG_0356I am in LOVE with Korean beauty products! I get excited when I can add to my collection. These are a few products that I have recently bought and tried out. I am here to tell you how they were and where I found them.

So the first is the Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask IMG_0473.JPGThis is a face peeling mask, other reviews I’ve read said it hurt when they peeled it off. I think it’s based on the pain tolerance everyone can stand, because it pulled at the skin a little, but that the point, you’re trying to pull white heads, black heads and dead skin cells from your face. When you’re applying it, put a thin layer on, don’t put it on thick because when you go to peel it off it will still be sticky. So I give this product a 7 out of 10. I got this at a Korean beauty store in China Town New York, but you can go onto Amazon and find this or onto the makers website which you will see in the product itself.

The next product is the compact face powder by TonyMoly.IMG_0472.JPGAnother reason why I love K Beauty products is because more often than not, the products and the packaging is adorable! This one included, this is a Pokémon themed product, TonyMoly has a line of Pokémon themed beauty products. This one is featuring JigglyPuff. I actually really like this foundation, I usually use liquid foundation, but this is good to take on the go and keep in your bag. If you start sweating off your makeup or wipe a little off this can be busted out to fix that. It has pretty good coverage and mattes your face if you don’t want a shiny face. I got this in the same store as the face peel mask, but if you go onto TonyMoly’s website you can find it there as well.

The third thing I tried out was the teatree and egg foaming oil. I didn’t even want to take a picture of this because I did not like it at all. When I used it, it didn’t even foam very well and I did not like the smell very well either. They had other scents to choose from, but teatree usually smells pretty nice. And then I didn’t feel anything after using it, I didn’t feel refreshed, my skin didn’t feel moisturized and I just felt like I wasted my money. I got this product at TjMaxx.

There is still hope for egg based products, the last one is the Egg-Stra hydrating mask be Revive. IMG_0474This mask was actually pretty nice, it had a mixed scent of coconut so the smell was relaxing, it felt like I was on vacation at the beach. I had it on for 15 minutes, and after taking it off and taking the excess moisture off, my face felt refreshed and the next morning it was soft and it still smelled a little like coconuts. I also found this product at TJMaxx.